About Us

Who We Are

A  platform company with revolutionary technology enabling us to find and  quantify thousands of small proteins that no one else can see, then  rapidly determine their medically-relevant biological activity. 

How We Help

We  partner with large and small companies to screen for biologics in  disease areas of interest from human and non-humans species. These  activities are complemented by our own internal drug development  programs. 

What We Do

Our technology can typically detect an additional 5-10% of any species'  proteome, which is currently missed by other technologies, allowing us to  accelerate drug research and development programs.

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Our Platform

Peptide discovery

Our proprietary software and peptide discovery pipeline sees thousands of proteins that no others can.

Libraries & Biomarker Discovery

We see 5-10% more of the proteome than anyone else and can rapidly screen them for biological functions.

Peptide Development

Peptides we discover are taken through development as biologics for rare and common diseases.